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Welcome to the 1Body4Life website

Our aim is to broaden your knowledge about health and fitness and to understand what it means to be ‘pain free’. We also aspire to show you how one service often intertwines with another; for instance, ART® treatment combined with rehabilitation can produce even quicker and permanent results than just treatment itself. An athlete may require specific supplements along with an individual training programme to improve performance.

2 images - Heather Pearson treating a young girl's anckle and a man lifting a heavy weight in a gym

We help health conscious athletes and non-athletes, achieve optimum results with injuries, weight loss and performance goals. We achieve faster results and higher success rates even if you've been told you're destined for surgery or you've had an injury for 5+ years.

At 1body4life we provide a unique, multidisciplinary approach to pain free living and general health and fitness. We’re not interested in a ‘temporary quick fix’, we don’t want our athletes watching on the sidelines or our patients hanging around our treatment rooms, the quicker we help you achieve results, the better! It’s due to this distinctive philosophy that we’ve only ever gained business on referrals, word of mouth goes a long way!

One of the major benefits at 1body4life is the advanced techniques used called ART® (Active Release Techniques). It’s so advanced, it can help conditions such as Bells Palsy, types of Vertigo and arthritis as well as injuries such as Osgood Schlatters and Achilles Tendinopathy. Although ART® is fairly new to the UK, it’s used in every major professional sport in America. At present there are only a handful of fully certified ART® Providers in the UK and we’re lucky to have one of them who is highly regarded by UK and World renowned Strength and Conditioning Coaches.

We realise it’s not easy finding right Therapist or Strength Trainer, especially one that can combine various services. Which is why our creator, Heather Pearson, Sports Therapist, has travelled around the UK, Europe and America to further her studies and so is able to offer a such a variety of services to provide the best results money can buy. As she says ‘the more tools in the box, the quicker the result!’

Our vision is to continue educating ourselves to provide tailored services with a successful outcome toward changing ones quality of life. Whether you've got an injury, you won't to improve your diet or you're an athlete who needs to improve performance, please view the website at your perusal but do check out the testimonials page, after all, the proof is in the pudding!

Heather Pearson MSc ST FHT ISSP
Sports Performance Specialist

At 1Body4Life we provide a safe, confidential, professional environment to all people,
regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or physical ability.